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 Requirments and Tryouts

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PostSubject: Requirments and Tryouts   Tue Jun 03, 2008 5:31 am


-Able to use stun stick exceptionally good

-Plays for fun, not seeking to be the first

-At least 40 Stickings per game



Tryouts can be done with rage against the machine for official membership in stun stick lovers, or just to be moved up a ranking. Membership In this clan offers many opportunities, such as having excess to s$L private server, admin in the group, and many more. There are requirements to what you must have to move up or get in. If you are excepted for a tryout, you can look at the group homepage on steam for the date, if you cannot make it, your tryout will be canceled, if you don't respect group rules within the time you got your tryout, your tryout will be canceled. Here are the requirements for membership and new rankings:

-Membership: at least 20 stickings
-Solider: 24 stickings
-knight: 28 stickings
-ninja: 30 stickings
-dark night: 45 stickings
-golden knight: 50 stickings
-ninja knight: 60 stickings
-ninja lord: 85 stickings
-king: 150 stickings
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Requirments and Tryouts
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